UK and London Weather 16/01/2012-22/01/2012

As we began the last week much of Europe was still under the influence of a high pressure system centred over Germany. Monday the 16th had a clear night in London with only some patchy cloud and a chilly Easterly breeze, with the urban temperature dropping down to 1C in some areas.

Approaching Wednesday and Thursday the high system had migrated to the south of the UK (see attatched Met Office chart) and there was a heavily fronted low-pressure system to the North. A cold front situated over the south of England brought cloud and some rain to the London area, with the urban temperatures measuring a maximum of 12C and dipping to 5C.

By Friday London was experiencing some early clear skies, but mostly cloud and drizzle and a westerly breeze brought in by a warm front advancing over the most of the UK. The past weekend has been partly cloudy but mostly mild with highs of 12C.

An interesting event that might be of note was on Thursday the 19th. Perhaps caused by a peak in the rush hour traffic,the concentration of CO2 being measured at the BT tower rapidly climbed to over 35 mmo/m3) between 8am and 10am. This temporally correlates with two rapid peaks  in the sensible heat flux and a peak in the turbulent kinetic energy, but does not seems to be reflected in the CO2 flux itself. (The plots can be  accessed on the ACTUAL website).

Met Office forecast, valid at 12 UTC on the 19th of January 2012

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