Long-term measurements

London sites instruments table

SitePIScientist contactSwitch on date
North KensingtonDavid Green
CO analyserDavid GreenDavid Green17/03/1995
NO2David GreenDavid Green17/03/1995
O3David GreenDavid Green19/03/1995
SO2David GreenDavid Green19/03/1995
CO (high sensitivity)James LeeJames Lee12/04/2011
PM10James LeeDavid Green29/03/1995
PM2.5James LeeDavid Green17/12/2008
APSJames LeeDavid Green07/07/2010
PM compositionJames LeeDavid Green15/11/2001
ceilometerSue GrimmondSue Grimmond02/02/2011
EC mastSue GrimmondSue Grimmond02/02/2011
radiationSue GrimmondSue Grimmond02/02/2011
CO2 profileSue GrimmondSue Grimmond02/02/2011
Marylebone RoadDavid Green
CODavid GreenDavid Green26/05/1997
NO2David GreenDavid Green30/05/1997
O3David GreenDavid Green26/05/1997
SO2David GreenDavid Green28/05/1997
PM10David GreenDavid Green01/05/1998
PM2.5David GreenDavid Green18/06/2010
APSDavid GreenDavid Green31/05/2010
Q-AMSDavid GreenDavid Green18/06/2002
PM compositionDavid GreenDavid Green17/07/2010
ceilometerSue GrimmondSue Grimmond09/03/2011
Westminster City CouncilJanet Barlow
Doppler LidarJanet BarlowJanet Barlow01/07/2010
Sonic anemometerJanet BarlowJanet Barlow18/06/2010
Weather stationJanet BarlowJanet Barlow18/06/2010
licor gas analyserJanet BarlowJanet Barlow18/06/2010
radiationJanet BarlowJanet Barlow18/06/2010
BT towerJanet Barlow
sonic anemometer (part of EC kit)Janet BarlowJanet Barlow06/05/2011 (est)
EC kitJanet BarlowJanet Barlow13/05/2011
weather stationJanet BarlowJanet Barlow01/07/2010
Fast NoxJames LeeJames Lee / Carole Heftler13/05/2011
total NoyJames LeeJames Lee / Carole Heftler13/05/2011
Fast COEiko NemitzJames Lee / Carole Heftler13/05/2011
CO2 / CH4Eiko NemitzJames Lee / Carole Heftler13/05/2011
O3+fast O3James LeeJames Lee / Carole Heftler13/05/2011
APSMartin GallagherPaul Williams13/05/2011
SMPSMartin GallagherPaul Williams13/05/2011
FDMS TEOM (PM2.5 and PM10)Martin GallagherJames Allan &Paul Williams13/05/2011
scintillometer To Guy's TowerSue GrimmondSue Grimmond01/01/2011
Trellick Tower to DaltrySue Grimmond
scintillometerSue GrimmondSue Grimmondmay/june 2011
weather stationSue GrimmondSue GrimmondOct/Nov 2010
KCL roofSue Grimmond
scintillometerSue GrimmondSue Grimmondmay/june 2011
EC mastSue GrimmondSue GrimmondSep-08
2nd EC towerSue GrimmondSue GrimmondOtober 2009
CeilometerSue GrimmondSue GrimmondDec-06
CO2 profileSue GrimmondSue GrimmondFeb-11
CityScanPaul MonksRoland Leigh, Rosie Graves06/01/2012

Rural sites instruments table

SitePIScientist contactSwitch on date
ChilboltonJames Lee
EC mastsJames LeeJohn Nicol (Reading)ongoing
radar lidarJames LeeJohn Nicol (Reading)ongoing
COJames LeeJames Lee01/10/2010
O3James LeeJames Lee01/10/2010
Met data available to ClearfloJames LeeJohn Nicol (Reading)01/10/2010
HarwellBill Bloss
O3[Defra AURN]Bill Blossongoing
SO2[Defra AURN]Bill Blossongoing
NO[Defra AURN]Bill Blossongoing
NO2[Defra AURN]Bill Blossongoing
PM10[Defra AURN]Bill Blossongoing
PM2.5[Defra AURN]Bill Blossongoing
SMPSKings ERGDavid Greenongoing
PM compositionNPL - needs to be checked
APSBill BlossJohanna Gietl01/02/2011
DetlingJanet Barlow + James Lee
sonic anemometerJanet BarlowJohn Lally04/04/2011
ceilometerJanet BarlowJohn Lally04/04/2011
FDMS PM2.5Janet Barlow + James LeeDavid Green02/07/2010
FDMS PM10Janet Barlow + James LeeDavid Green01/06/1999
SMPSJanet Barlow + James LeeDavid Green11/08/2010
NO2Janet Barlow + James LeeDavid Green01/06/1999
O3Janet Barlow + James LeeDavid Green01/06/1999
SO2Janet Barlow + James LeeDavid Green02/05/2002

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