Call for participation in IOPs

ClearfLo – Clean air for London: Call for participation in winter and summer IOPs

We invite applications for funding for participation in intensive observation periods (IOPs) of the NERC funded ClearfLo project.


ClearfLo is a large NERC-funded project involving 11 UK partners. The ambition is to provide integrated measurements of the meteorology, composition and particulate loading of London’s urban atmosphere, made at street level and at elevated sites, complemented by modelling to improve predictive capability for air quality. Long-term measurements have begun, which will be complemented by more detailed Intensive Observation Periods (IOPs). The aims of the IOPs are (i) to measure the vertical structure of the urban boundary layer, (ii) to determine the oxidation potential of the urban atmosphere, (iii) to measure the properties and composition of particulates in the urban atmosphere. Further information can be found at

Locations and Date:

The IOPs will be held in London, one during winter: 6th January – 11th February 2012; and one during summer during the London Olympics: 21th July – 23th August 2012.

Call for participation:

We have a total budget of £40,000 to fund travel and consumables for scientists not currently involved in ClearfLo to participate in the IOPs. We expect to fund 3-4 proposals.

Proposals should be no longer than one page and should describe (i) the instruments you would bring to the IOPs, (ii) how your measurements would complement the existing suite of measurements, (iii) the name of a ClearfLo PI with whom you are proposing to collaborate, (iv) the expenses required with brief justification. Informal enquiries can be directed to Stephen Belcher (

Applications should be emailed to the Project Manager, Sylvia Bohnenstengel (

Application closing date: Friday 25th March 2011

Applications will be judged by the ClearfLo Project Executive Board and decisions will be circulated in April.

Stephen Belcher (Project Director)

Sylvia Bohnenstengel (Project Manager)

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