A good day at the Kent Show Grounds

Great progress today at the Detling site.  Both Aerodyne containers arrived bright and early and were skillfully dropped into place.  On first inspection all the instrumentation looks like it fared the journey from Boston just fine.  Delivery was held up in London yesterday due to the strong winds.  It was a good thing they did not arrive yesterday because it was simply nasty weather.  Excell electric was also on site and wired up our transformer so we  now have a live instrument container.  Unpacking of the storage container begins. Two additional office containers were also delivered and wired up and the scaffold tower was constructed.  If tomorrow goes anything like today went we should have several instrument on line.

The support from Roger and Jeremy at the show grounds has been fantastic, thank you both.

Bill Brooks from Aerodyne

Aerodyne containers

What a great place to stage.

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